October 15, 2004

Why you should never call Suspend/TerminateThread (Part III)

For all people who still belive that calling SuspendThread or TerminateThread is not so bad, I want to show that in an simple win32 app, we already have *19* critical sections which might produce an deadlock if you call these function in the wrong time.

Here is the ouput of windbg on an empty win32-console app:

  0:000> !locks -v
  CritSec ntdll!RtlCriticalSectionLock+0 at 7C98C0A0
  CritSec ntdll!DeferedCriticalSection+0 at 7C98C080
  CritSec ntdll!LdrpLoaderLock+0 at 7C98C0D8
  CritSec ntdll!FastPebLock+0 at 7C98E4C0
  CritSec ntdll!RtlpCalloutEntryLock+0 at 7C98E4A0
  CritSec ntdll!PMCritSect+0 at 7C98DE40
  CritSec ntdll!UMLogCritSect+0 at 7C98DE20
  CritSec ntdll!RtlpProcessHeapsListLock+0 at 7C98C2E0
  CritSec +140608 at 00140608
  CritSec +240608 at 00240608
  CritSec +250608 at 00250608
  CritSec kernel32!BaseDllDirectoryLock+0 at 7C883700
  CritSec kernel32!BaseDllRegistryCache+18 at 7C883078
  CritSec kernel32!gcsNlsProcessCache+0 at 7C883740
  CritSec kernel32!gcsTblPtrs+0 at 7C883360
  CritSec kernel32!DllLock+0 at 7C8836A0
  CritSec kernel32!ExeNameCriticalSection+0 at 7C8833C0
  CritSec kernel32!gcsAppCert+0 at 7C883860
  CritSec kernel32!gcsAppCompat+0 at 7C8837A0
  Scanned 19 critical sections

Posted 3 years, 4 months ago on October 15, 2004
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