November 4, 2007

This blog has moved...

After becoming a freelancer, I ordered a new domain, and now moved my blog to this new domain:

Hopefully you will also be reading this blog…
It will start with various posting about the TechEd-Developer conference in Barcelona!

October 9, 2007

TechEd-Developer 2007 in Barcelona!

If you attend TechEd-Developer in Barcelona (5.11. 9.11.2007), you can meet me at the ATE (Ask The Expert) booth from Microsoft!

October 3, 2007

.NET Soruce-Code will be published...

Great news for .NET developers. MS will publish the source code (with code comments)with .NET3.5!
More info see:

The license will be Microsoft Reference License

September 20, 2007

(Unmanaged) Profiler in VS2005 Team-Edition

With VS2005 Microsoft provided a very usefull and handy code-profiling tool. There is only one downside: It is only available in the “VS2005 Team Developer” or “VS2005 Team Suite” edition.

The profiler can be used with managed and unmanaged code!

Here are some screenshots for an unmanaged project:

August 27, 2007

There will be no Release-Candidate (RC) of VS2008

After shipping VS2008-Beta2 in June 25th, Microsoft decided to skip RC versions. The next version will be RTM (expected in November 2007).
For more info see:
LINQ to SQL Beta2 to RTM Key Changes

Also foreign languages of VS are now available: For example German

May 29, 2007

InterOp seems to be very voluminous

After having a discussion with Ben Voigt, I got aware of the very voluminous support for InterOp in C++/CLI. Also the buildIn (C++ interop) seems to be very powerfull. I did not realized this until now. Thanks Ben for helping me in the right direction.
Here are just some links which helps to take a small look at C++ interop and P/Invoke:
Native and .NET Interoperability
Using C++ Interop
Using Explicit PInvoke in C++

March 9, 2007

HLP-Viewer now available for Vista

Several month ago I posted about the decision from MS to discontinue support for HLP-files in Vista . Also Vista RTM does not have the “winhlp32.exe” program.

But two days ago, MS put a download page for this”Vista-Aware” WinHlp32.exe:
Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows Vista
online. So it seems they changed their mind (again)...

January 14, 2007

"Windows Developer Search" Gadget for google!

If you normally use google to find resourcen in the internet like MSDN-Library content or codeproject samples, you often need to specify “” or similar to get usefull results. Some also have installed the google-bar… But I don’t want to install anything (foreign) on my development machine. But it is also very expensive to enter the “prefix” for correct searching.

To overcome this problem I “developed” a google-gadget which can be used on your google personalized page”. You can add this Windows-Developer-Search by clincking here

Here is also a small preview:

If you press enter or the search button it will open a new windows with the search results. Currently it uses the german “” for searching; but I try to make it more flexible.

January 6, 2007

Updated Orcas Feature Specification

An updated version of the Orcas Feature Specification can be found here.

December 8, 2006

Managed C++ to C++/CLI Conversion Tool from Microsoft

If you have larger source codes, which uses managed C++ (VC2003) and you want to move to VC2005 with the new syntax (C++/CLI) you now can use the new VC++ 2003 Managed Extensions to VC+2005 C+/CLI Conversion Tool