January 14, 2007

"Windows Developer Search" Gadget for google!

If you normally use google to find resourcen in the internet like MSDN-Library content or codeproject samples, you often need to specify “site:msdn.microsoft.com” or similar to get usefull results. Some also have installed the google-bar… But I don’t want to install anything (foreign) on my development machine. But it is also very expensive to enter the “prefix” for correct searching.

To overcome this problem I “developed” a google-gadget which can be used on your google personalized page”. You can add this Windows-Developer-Search by clincking here

Here is also a small preview:

If you press enter or the search button it will open a new windows with the search results. Currently it uses the german “google.de” for searching; but I try to make it more flexible.

Posted 10 months, 6 days ago on January 14, 2007
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