November 6, 2004

Extended the very good dumpacl example

I extended the very good dumpacl example from to support dumping of “Windows-Stations” and “Processes”.

I sent an email to felixk at__ mvps __dot org, so he can also update his site, but I didn´t get a response since 2 weeks…

Therefor you can download the extened example from here:

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago on November 6, 2004
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Re: Extended the very good dumpacl example
Nice extension! Currently I'm working on this problem: Which is why I have found your modified dumpacl version but unfortunately I get an error on Win2k3/Itanium SD for "WINSTA:winsta0": GetFileSecurity() failed, error 2 On WinXP it works fine and even that's great but it would be better if it works on Win2k3 too ( : Laubi
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