August 31, 2004

Confusion about .NET1.1 SP1

There was a lot of confusion about the .NET1.1 ServicePack 1, which is now released a couple of hours ago.
You can download it here:

The confusion was comming with the XP-SP2 CD. On this CD there is a directory
named "DOTNETFX" which absolutely insist that it is .NET1.1 SP1!
This CD is now available since 4 weeks!!!
From all official sites from MS there was only the response that SP1 is NOT YET released.

Now after the RTM is online, it seems that it **IS** exact the same version as on the SP2-CD!!!

To add more confusion, someone from Microsoft asserted that there is a bug in this SP1
(in conjunction with FAT32 filesystems).
This point is now still open...
I also opened an bug-report at:
Posted 3 years, 5 months ago on August 31, 2004
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