February 9, 2006

The best new feature of MFC 8 (VS2005)

While the most people only look at new features of the .NET-Framework or C#, there are also improvements in MFC (There’s life in the old dog yet)!
One of the biggest improvements is the better integration of windows-forms controls into existing MFC applications.

The key to this really exiting feature is CWinFormsView , CWinFormsControl and CWinFormsDialog
With these classes you can use windows-forms controls inside your MFC dialogs/windows. This is really great and you can smothely migrate from your existing MFC application to the managed .NET-world! And with the improvements in C++/CLI this makes C++ really to the best languages ever!

Just some additions: Here you can find some articles about MFC and Window-Forms integration:

You can also download a sample project which gives you some insight on how to do this:

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago on February 9, 2006
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